Classes & Services

I have classes and support programs to fit almost any type of need. Just peruse through these topics and click on what seems interesting to you to find more information.

Summer Support Program
  • - Weekly Consultations for three months-

  • Group Support Calls twice per month-

  • Hard copies of Listening to Children Booklets

Parent Listening Support Group
  • Weekly group phone support

  • Each person gets a turn to be listened to

  • Parenting by Connection Starter Class (Six Weeks In-Person)

  • Parenting by Connection Starter Class (Six Week On-line Class)

  • Tantrum Training

  • Skillbuilding

  • Parent Resource Group

Family Connection Planning
  • For the experienced Parenting by Connection mother or father

  • Monthly coaching and connection plan development

Talks and Workshops
  • Parenting the Anxious Child

  • Tears, Tantrums, and other Trying Behaviors

  • Understanding Your Child's Emotions

  • Sibling Rivalry

  • Preparing for the Birth of a Sibling

  • Infant Pathways

Lunch and Learns
  • 1-1.5 hour presentations regarding connection

  • Support families in your organization​

  • Connection concepts can be transferred to organizational environment​

Articles & Resources

The Apple Group

Parenting Troubled Children


Language Tips

Child Speech and Language

Expected Development

Social Thinking

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