In Home Parent Gathering

Get your friends together and I will give a two hour talk to your group in your home.

Parenting is a community project. We shouldn't be parenting in isolation, but oftentimes we do. Let's start getting your community of friends, family and neighbors on the same page. I will do a talk of your choice from a list of topics, including:

Helping Children with Aggression

Settling Limits with Young Children

Understanding Your Child’s BIG Emotions and Behaviors

Parenting with a Playful SpiritSibling Rivalry

Healing the Hurt of Separation

Helping Children Play Together"It's Mine!"

All About Sharing

Getting Through School Struggles

Helping Young Children Sleep

Healing Children's Fears

Family Power Struggles

Help spread ways that we can support one another as parents.

The cost is $20 per person with a minimum of five attendees.
If you have eight paying attendees, you are free.

To organize the gathering, contact Kristenne Zuzek:

Tel: 303.994.9011



Lakewood, CO


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