Parenting Can Get Better.

There Can be More Joy.

How could we ever know what to do when our child has a meltdown on the way home from a beautiful day at the park, or when he looks right at us and does the thing we told him not to do, or when she is playing joyfully and then turns to her brother and kicks him, or when he won't play with other children at the playground, or when he has a severe case of separation anxiety, or when she is demanding our attention incessantly, or when he just won't brush his teeth, crying, crankiness, clingy, whiny? And the list goes on and on, doesn't it? How could we ever dream up or prepare for the situations our children present to us?

But we also love them with all of our hearts. We ache for things to go well. We will go to great lengths to see them thrive. So how do we get through these challenges without hurting the relationship or even worse, damaging it?

The answer is connection. When children are connected, they function at their best. This is backed by neuroscience and countless research studies. And we are not talking about your every day connection of "Oh, I love you and you love me." We are talking about limbic connection. The limbic brain is the part of the brain that manages emotions, non-verbal communication and assessment of safety. A child needs positive forms of these before that child can function well. Parenting by Connection offers concrete tools to increase limbic connection.

Kristenne works with parents, children, and families.

"I am eternally grateful for finding you! This is a turning point in my daughter's life and in our lives and I am so looking forward to learning and practicing as much as I can. I can see how you made this into your life's work. You are truly helping families and children in such an incredibly meaningful way."

- Michelle, mother of 3 in Ohio

If you cannot fit a class into your schedule or you don't feel comfortable in a class setting, consultations are a great avenue for resolving family issues. I offer several ways to get coaching which includes personalized service from me as well as a wealth of information and some listening support. I have timeslots available weekday, weekend and evenings. Click on the type of coaching you are interested in for more information.

  • Initial Consultation (90 minutes): $200

  • One 60-minute Consultation Session: $150.

  • Three 60-minute Consultation Sessions: $400 (can be broken into 30 or 45-minute segments as well).

  • Parenting by Connection Foundations Consultation Package: This is based on the Starter Class. It includes a series of videos, a Parent Guidebook, 9 booklets, and three one-hour consultation sessions. Cost is $499.

  • For a minimum commitment of three months, you can purchase a 3-month package at $500/month for 4 sessions/month.

  • Advanced Consultation Package: This package is for persons who have completed the six-week Hand in Hand Parenting Class. Three months of consultations, a variety of different packages are available.

Payment in full is required prior to the phone consultation session. You can send the funds to my Paypal ( ) or Venmo (Kristen-Volk-2) accounts.

The majority of consultations are on the phone or Zoom. We can meet in person for an additional $35 fee at my office.

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