Winter 2018-2019:

Due to a busy schedule, I am not able to offer any classes right now. Please feel free to e-mail me at to get on my mailing list for any future class announcements.

If you are a graduate of the Starter Class and want to take it for a second time, I am now offering the class to graduates for $200. If the class has 7+ people, I may ask you to lead the Listening Time for a small group.
You can still register using the same class link.

Other Options:
If you cannot find a class time that works for you, I have created a video series of this class called the Parenting by Connection Starter Coaching Package.

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For more information about the parenting philosophy, visit the Hand in Hand Parenting website.

Hand in Hand Parenting Classes

(Six Weeks)

Class Description:

This six-week course offers a complete introduction to Parenting by Connection. Whether you are dealing with everyday parenting challenges or more difficult behaviors
(including anxiety, aggression, sibling rivalry, power struggles, separation anxiety, sensory processing issues, sleep issues, homework issues, and anything specific to your family), through this approach you will gain the skills and support you need to support your child in thriving, deepen your family connections, and bring ease, warmth and joy back to your relationships with your children—even on the hardest days. You will take home new tools for resolving children’s off-track behavior, learn parent-to-parent listening skills, and develop a family connection plan. This course is led by certified Hand in Hand instructor, Kristen Volk.

You'll learn:

Learn how to apply the core concepts behind Parenting by Connection and develop your own Family Connection Plan.
This instructor-led class gives you the insight, tools, and support to:

• Understand and address your child's emotional needs.

• Set limits with warmth and authority.

• Apply and discuss 6 proven tools for resolving your child's "off-track" behavior.

• Reduce parenting stress and increase cooperation.

• Master the core listening skills that transform your parenting.

You'll receive:

• 6 weeks of in person, instructor-led parent support group (1.5-2 hours each, depending on the number of participants).

• Individual attention: group size is limited to 6.

• 9 booklets and 1 class book (all hard copies).

You’ll receive all of the above for $347. A payment plan is available for a $10 fee. A $75
deposit secures your spot. Space is limited and classes fill up quickly.

To learn more about the Parenting by Connection approach, you can go to Hand in Hand Parenting.

We recommend that you and your parenting partner join two different Parenting by Connection Starter Classes. Each class creates a supportive and safe environment through confidential conversations during which each person has an opportunity to express his/her feelings without feeling judged.
In our experience, we've found that parenting partners find it helpful to be able to say anything they like without feeling like they have to censor themselves out of consideration for their parenting partners.
Please also note that for 1-2 hour, one time workshops we don't do the same kinds of exercises, so it’s fine for parenting partners to attend together.

Additional Note:
There is a $50 discount for the second person of a parenting partnership who takes this class, assuming class materials will be shared.

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